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An open letter to Mrs. Michelle Obama, and a petition asking for action against Female Genital Mutilations in Africa.

Dear Mrs. Obama,

I have always considered myself lucky for being born in a country that doesn’t ask women to pay the high price of ritual genital mutilations. You know what I mean, you were lucky too, being born in the USA.
Unfortunately 100 million more women in the world must live with the horror of intimate violation and lifetime consequences in both their minds and bodies caused by Female Genital Mutilations.

There are many movements taking action every day against this problem but the road to complete eradication of this inhumane practice is still long. When a tradition is deeply involved into a culture it is difficult to ask people to quit it. Action is then required by influent people who might be more convincing than us ordinary people.

One of the images that I will keep in my memory of your husband, the President, on his inauguration days, is that of hundreds of Africans cheering in their cities in Africa for the first Afroamerican president.
Barack Obama is a most charming and influent man and you are too. So I thought that was an historical opportunity for an Afroamerican President and first lady to talk to African men about the problem with their women and Genital Mutilations.
You have two little daughters, who could well have been already excised if they lived in those regions performing FGM.
I am sure, from woman to woman, that the simple idea of that sounds unbearable to you.

I believe you, Mrs. Obama, can do much for our African sisters, and it’s more than you can imagine.
Just take action and ask your husband too to speak to African men about ending the practice of FGM.

I believe, it.
Yes, you can, stop FGM.



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